2017 Honda CRF1000L: Price, Engine and Features

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Adventure bikes are one of the most selling worldwide. Nowadays there are much more bikers than before. Each and every year one fantastic adventure bike has been voted as the best bike which is none other than BMW R1200GS. It has the most sell out a record every year. In the limelight of this bike, most people have forgotten one really good performance bike which is the once popular 2017 Honda CRF1000L.

2017 Honda CRF1000L

2017 Honda CRF1000L: Specs and Performance

Honda is doing impressively well, both in the car as well as bike segment. Honda bikes used to be very popular till BMW brought that bike and Honda stopped producing CRF1000L. It is good news for all Honda fans that this bike will come back to the market very soon. The 2017 Honda CRF1000L is a wonder bike in the true sense. It came into the market with a tagline of two words which goes as- “Go anywhere”; and the bike really carried the true sense of those words. Each and every part of this bike has been made considering its tagline.

It has got high ground clearance with the seat height at par with ground clearance. A V-twin for this bike used to be too long. With all these specifications, it was difficult to adjust a big engine space. Therefore, it used the compact unit with unicam heads, which is the CRF motocrosser. It has water pumps mated with balance shafts and adds oil. Due to this, the waist of this bike could be made narrower as a result of which it becomes easier for bikers to place their feet flat on the ground.

This bike, which is also known as Africa Twin, was first unveiled in South Africa, where the press was given a chance to ride on motorcycles for two days. The first day was meant for pavement rides and the second day was allotted for the ride mainly on dirt. This bike is very smooth to drive and it has a power rating of 94 HP and a net weight of 503 lbs. This bike is mainly suitable for people who live in high altitude.

2017 Honda CRF1000L

Features and Technology

The 2017 Honda CRF1000L comes with safety features such as ABS which is configurable between only its rear wheel. It has also got traction control. The traction control has been given four types of settings, which are 1, 2, 3 and off. Level 1 will give it a sporty feel including the allowance of slides. The 2nd level will maintain wheel alignment but will allow some spinning. Level 3 is a bit more on the protective side.

One remarkable thing is that both ABS and Traction control has been provided with manual switches. So you yourself can configure and not being cooled by machine. Its windshield is a really impressive feature which gives a small place of stagnant air. Sometimes raindrops might collect in the visor which will disperse once you move towards moving air.

Price Range

The upcoming Honda CRF1000L has got a liquid cooled engine with the parallel twin with a displacement of 998 CC. It has 6 speeds manual or DCT transmission with a fuel capacity of 5 gallons. The 2017 Honda CRF1000L has been fixed with a price of around $12,999 for the base version. The version with DCT comes with a price of around $13,699. This bike is supposed to hit the market by the second half of next year.

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