2017 Honda Fury: Changes, Performance, Price

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Improving over its predecessor is the new 2017 Honda Fury. Although this cruiser is simple and sophisticated, it is also designed to be the ultimate chopper. The biggest prominence of this model is its unique appearance that is typical to its body design.

This new model doesn’t sport many changes as its predecessor has already been upgraded. However, be that as it may, Honda surely has presented some refinements to bring the best out of this amazing bike.

2017 Honda Fury

2017 Honda Fury: Engine Specs

The engine is the heart that pumps out life. This new 2017 Honda Fury makes use of a 1312 cc V-twin engine which consists of 3 valves per cylinder which is similar with its predecessor. Pairing with this powerful engine is a 5-speed transmission which sends power to the rear wheel via a shaft drive.

What’s interesting is that this engine has been placed at a 52° angle which makes it look very interesting and one of a kind. To maintain a proper stoichiometric ratio, the 38 mm throttle body uses a fuel injection system that is computer controlled.

Its bore and stroke goes out as 89.5 mm and 104.3 mm respectively. To maintain the timing of the dual plugs in each head, a digital ignition system has been used.

2017 Honda Fury

Styling and Chassis

The chassis of this 2017 Honda Fury is what has led its body to be one of a kind. The rake of this model is quite a bit of stretch as it is of 32°. The trail of this Fury is 3.6 inches which comes as a surprise but seems to work well.

This bike’s classic low-slung look is characterized by its seat which has been placed below the 27-inch mark. To maintain such classic feel, the frame geometry, and hidden rear shock has been optimized despite the use of standard, yoke style swingarm.

This 2017 Fury also incorporates a set of 45 mm forks which are kind of beefy and maintain the 4-inch wheel travel while 3.7 inches of travel is maintained by the rear mono shock which seems to reasonable.

The low and wide looks of this model is complemented by its 18 inch rear wheels and 21-inch front. For braking, a 296 mm disc has been used with a single pot caliper in the rear and a 336 mm disc with a twin pot clipper on the front. ABS has been featured as optional which seems feasible considering the 650 pounds weight of this bike.

  • Wheelbase – 71.2 inches
  • Emissions – meets EPA standards
  • Colors – Ultra Blue Metallic, Matte Silver
  • Warranty – Unlimited-mileage limited warranty
  • Fuel Capacity – 3.4 gallons
  • Fuel Economy – 45 MPG
  • Ignition – Digital
  • Induction – PGM-FI with automatic enricher circuit

Price and Availability

This 2017 Honda Fury will appear into dealerships within the 1st quarters of next year (2017). As to its price, expect this model to cost as much as its predecessor (2016 version), which holds a price tag of $9,999.

Source : www.2018hondamodels.com

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