2017 Honda Pioneer 1000: Specs and Price

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UTV or Utility Task Vehicles are made by very limited brands and Honda is one important one of them. Honda has been doing really well in this field and recently it is going to unveil the 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000. This is going to be the flagship car of Honda for the year 2017. The car has been made like a beast that has a strongly built chassis capable to tote about 1000 pounds of cargo. It can also tow weight up to 2000 pounds. This is possible due to the 999 CC power driving machine it has. This is also the first UTV with a 6 speed transmission with dual clutch technology or DCT and it is fully automatic.

2017 Honda Pioneer 1000

2017 Honda Pioneer 1000: Features and Technologies

The build quality of this particular car is praiseworthy and it has got few fantastic features such as Quick Flip setting for the rear section, Electronic Power Steering or EPS, self leveling type suspension, sport mode and paddle shifters. With these entire mind blowing features, 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 has been placed in the first position in UTV segment. This car has got tough competitors such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, Can-Am and Polaris. There will be detailed comparison made soon, but still it will require some time.

The Pioneer 1000 did not evolve easily. It has got an evolution that starts in the year 1970 as Honda was there in ATV market right since that time. That was the time when Honda introduced US90 with three wheels. It was later popularly known as ATC90. This lineup now includes lots of cars with four wheels such as Rubicon, Rancher, Rincon, Recon and Foreman. From the period of 1977 to 1989, Honda had a huge sell out of one of their most popular power sports cars known as the Odyssey. It was only a one seat car though.

Honda came into existence properly in UTV segment in the year 2009 with introduction of Big Red. This particular car was running smoothly from 2009 to 2013 when Pioneer 700 replaced it in 2014. This was available in two versions- one with two seats and another with four. Honda again introduced another two seat arrangement UTV along with it which is none other than Pioneer 500. Finally, 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 came into existence from this year.

Powertrain Setup

This model has a 999 CC liquid cooled engine along with OHC parallel twin Unicam four stroke technology. The engine comes with 6 speed transmission with DCT technology and is fully automatic. Ground clearance is 12.4” and it has got both front and rear hydraulic brakes. Fuel capacity is 7.9 gallons along with 1.7 gallons in reserve. Cargo capacity is around 1000 pounds and towing capacity is 2000 pounds.

This particular car can be compared to only one UTV, and that is latest Defender 1000 UTV. Its engine as well as its exhaust system has been mounted with rubber which reduces vibrations along with noise. Though it has got a noise-free, peaceful ride, it has got enough potential to pull over tons of cargo.

Price and Arrival

The price of 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 has not yet been revealed by the brand, yet we think it will start from around $14,000.

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