2017 Honda Pioneer 500: Changes, Engine, Suspension

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Honda’s Pioneer 500 was the first in the series of 50-inch UTVs which this Japanese company had introduced.  Its first model was launched in the year 2014, and it proved to be quite a relishing model amongst UTV enthusiasts. Now after a couple of years, Honda have remodeled it and named it the 2017 Honda Pioneer 500This segment will discuss all the nitty-gritty specifications which this out and out fabulous model hosts.

2017 Honda Pioneer 500

2017 Honda Pioneer 500: Changes and Powertrain

In comparison to its previous model, this 2017 Honda Pioneer 500 comes with an advanced automatic transmission. It also incorporates a feature which allows riders to make a shift from manual to auto. (This is a feature which will also be noticed in the other Pioneer models namely the 700 and 1000 model.)

Apart from that, new Pioneer 500 incorporates a fresh frontal and back suspension (something which will be discussed below in the segment). A new color variant has also been included as an option which is primarily a green color along with Red and Honda Phantom Camo.

This model holds a 475 cc longitudinal liquid cooled powertrain mated with 5-speed transmission and steel gears. It also has an advanced electrically operated fuel injection for places of adverse weather conditions. Its power output is about 28.7 HP and its top speed is something around 39-40mph. The nature of its engine is semi-dry. It is shorter in dimension from top to bottom which assists in lowering center of gravity and improves handling. Its ground clearance is also enhanced. Ground clearance of this new model is 8.5 inches. There are a couple of drive modes namely 2WD and 4WD. Its towing capacity is 1000 lbs. Fuel capacity is 4.1 gallons and hosts 1.1 gallons of reserve.

2017 Honda Pioneer 500

Suspension, Brakes, and Chassis:

The 2017 Honda Pioneer 500 comprises of an IRS or an independent rear suspension. This makes way for smoother rolling and incredible traction over roughest of terrains. Both frontal and back end portion of the model comprises of hydraulic disc brakes measuring 200 mm and 170 mm respectively. The overall length of its chassis measures 102.5 inches and its overall wheelbase measures 73.1 inches.

The 2017 Pioneer 500 is tough in its construction just like all Honda UTV models. In fact, the same can be said for the other two variable models namely Pioneer 700 and 1000. The material which is used for its making is durable aluminum components. There are also plenty of curves which present this model with a sporty appearance.

This UTV comprises of a twist action door knob where the door and the net open together. That makes way for easy exit and entry. This unit also incorporates latest style ROHVA prepared safety enhancements which assist in enhancing the safety features for riders. There is also a compression ratio 9:5:1, bore and stroke is 92.0mmx 71.5mm. Frontal tires measure 24 x 8-12 inches while the rear tires measure 24 x 10-12 inches. The dimension of this unit measure- 102.6 inches in length, 50 inches in width and 71.3 inches in height. It’s turning radius measure 12.8 feet.

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