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Perspective is something that varies from one man to another; from one biker to another. Some prefer bikes for cruising; some prefer bikes which are simply fast in a straight-line; some others prefer bikes that are faster through turns and hairpins. If you are an apex-lover smooth dabber biker, then this is what you need. MotoGP is the absolute ultimate of sports bike engineering. And the 2017 Honda RC213V-S is the absolute epitome of what a street-legal bike can be.

2017 Honda RC213V-S

What if a bike which has been winning the MotoGP title for Marc Marquez since 2012 till 2015 can be taken out for a spin through the neighborhood? That’s how good this 2017 Honda RC213V-S is. The only modifications this bike doesn’t have are those which are leading him to the title right now!

Power Unit Specs:

  • Type – 4-stroke, 4-valve DOHC V4.
  • Displacement – 999cc
  • Compression Ratio – 13
  • Max Power – 101HP/157HP/212HP [US/Europe/Europe plus Kit.]
  • Max Torque – 66 lb-ft/75 lb-ft/87 lb-ft [US/Europe/Europe plus Kit.]
  • Cooling – Liquid-Cooled.
  • Transmission – 6 Speed.

Yes, you might just be stuck at the power and torque specs and thinking what is going on. Well, quoting a famous Valentino Rossi, everyone knows Rossi, once said about bikes, – “I like tracks better than airport strips.”

2017 Honda RC213V-S


The main fact lies in the engineering that goes with the handling; this bike is not a dragster. Honda will produce about 250 of these hand-made and assembled bikes. And they boast of the 2017 Honda RC213V-S as the best possible combination of power and handling. The bike is meant for the track, for perfecting the next lap. Imagine driving a machine which the likes of Marquez, Pedrosa and Hayden’s drove through circuits. That’s what this is all about.

  • Front Brakes – 320 x 5.5 mm YUTAKA dual hydraulic disc with Brembo 4-piston calipers plus Nissin m/c.
  • Rear Brakes – 220 x 5 mm YUTAKA hydraulic disc with Brembo 2-piston caliper plus Nissin m/c.
  • Front Tyre – 120/70 ZR17 M/C Bridgestone RS10
  • Rear Tyre – 190/55 ZR17 M/C Bridgestone RS10
  • Front and Rear Wheels – Marchesini 7-spoke forged magnesium
  • Front Suspension – Telescopic with gas-charged Öhlins TTX25 spring-preload, 130mm stroke, compression/rebound damping adjustment.
  • Rear Suspension – Pro-Link with gas-charged Öhlins TTX36 spring-preload, 64mm stroke, compression/rebound damping adjustment.

These are just some of the best specs that any bike can have. And the fact that you can run them on the streets is what Honda has done.

You might still be stuck with the power specs. The only reason why this bike does not have more is simply due to sound emission concerns – it’s too loud to be street-legal. But there’s a sports kit for European customers, something that will make those mountain roads feel like heaven.

The 2017 Honda RC213V-S is a MotoGP exclusive but street-legal bike. This is one-of-a-kind.

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