2017 Honda RVF1000 Superbike: Specs and Price

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Honda is all set to dominate the motorcycle market with their CBR line-up. The latest member added to this group is the new 2017 Honda RVF1000. Launching the exceptional series of CBR models last year, the Japanese company has shown what it can do with an unlimited budget. For the next year, they are planning to present their superbike 2017 Honda RVF1000 .

2017 Honda RVF1000

2017 Honda RVF1000 Features

The 2017 Honda RVF1000 is definitely one of the coolest bikes in the market. This fresh model comprises of a strongly build body with a new chassis. The material used for its chassis is aluminium. Its body definitely comprises of move curves. In fact, by checking out some of the pictures, it appeared that the whole peripheral was redesigned just so to give it a more sporty appearance.

It is also said to host brand new durable tires capable of tackling all kinds of terrains, even wet ones. Improvements in the brakes are also quite noticeable.

The new RVF1000, apart from its stunning external body also incorporates numerous electronic features in addition to the present C-ABS system. Those features include riding modes and traction control.

The makers of RVF1000 have decreased the weight as well as the friction of the internal engine component. New air-box, a brand new injection system and a new exhaust is also noticed in this new 2017 model. All these superlative additions have been made to increase the power of the bike and also enhance user rising experience.

2017 Honda RVF1000

Powertrain Specs

New bike has adopted a V4 driving force. This new advanced engine will replace the 4-cylinder powertrain which was seen in its previous models. The source of this new engine is from RC213V-S. However, there will be some special kind of tweaking to it. Expectations are close to 205 HP. Along with some of the aforementioned electrical specifications, the bike also sees a couple of electronically powered Ohlins suspension at its front and rear.

There are some speculations saying that this new 2017 Honda RVF1000 looks pretty much similar to that of the popular Moto GP road bike.

Some also have stated that the semi-monocoque chassis which this latest bike has is pretty similar with the make of the Ducat Panigale. Expectations are that there could be some alterations made in its external body.

This new Honda RVF1000 will go head to head with other superbikes such as Yamaha YZF-R1M, Ducati Panigale R and Aprilia’s RSV4 RF.

Price and Arrival

The 2017 Honda RVF1000 is expected to be priced below $35,000. As for its launch date, this new superbike will be launched in the first quarter of 2017. However, there are no official confirmations or announcements regarding that.

Source : www.2018hondamodels.com

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