Acura Precision Concept Might Hit The Production Facilities Soon

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Honda’s luxury division is going to look really amazing in the future. At least we think so. They recently introduced the interesting Acura Precision Concept, which is the manufacturer’s future approach to the design of the all next generation models. The odds are pretty small, but we would like to see something like this in the production form as well. There is the precious NSX super car, however let’s say that this one could be the all-new less expensive coupe.

Acura Precision Concept

Acura Precision Concept: Styling and Features

In any case, the Acura Precision Concept features quite inspiring exterior styling with plenty of amazing details. The front end sports pretty aggressive lines, as well as rather massive grille. The carmaker describes it as the “diamond pentagon” grille, but we see it like some kind of big wings. There are also pretty dynamic LED headlights, yet we are mostly impressed with this really bold hood styling. It gets this really sharp crease, which fits perfectly to the front bumper tapered styling.

Around back, the ingenious concept looks even better. The hatch is really interesting and features really slim taillights, which are integrated into the fenders. The rear bumper is ultra-aggressive and pretty sharp, but also very handsome. With its 204 inches the vehicle stands ahead of all current Acura’s sedan, but it also sports quite short overhangs. This may be the reason of the inspiring styling, which is sleek, sporty and modern at the same time. The overall bodywork is additionally boosted with the large fenders and massive 22-inch wheels.

Acura Precision Concept

The cabin is also gorgeous, but you won’t see most of the things on any future model. It’s really impressive, but it’s extremely futuristic at the same time. The dash sports a double-layered design, while the instrument cluster you saw on the current Acura models is changed with tablet-like touchscreen. Still, the biggest party is above the center stack, where the automaker has decided to put a large display, which is actually the replacement for the main display.

Acura is currently developing the human-machine interface that should be the most intuitive system ever made. As we see it, the HMI may look exactly as the dashboard of the Precision Concept. In any case, the rest of the cabin is made with high quality materials. The premium leather treatment is all around, but you can also notice plenty of wood details.


Under The Hood

The Japanese car manufacturer hasn’t said anything regarding the engine, yet we think that the Acura Precision Concept uses one well known system. They probably borrowed the drivetrain from the RDX Sport Hybrid model, which uses a smooth 3.5-liter V-6 engine and 3 electric motors. The setup comes with a seven-speed automatic transmission and capable to deliver around 377 horsepower.

In case the outstanding concept see the light of the day and hit the roads, the carmaker could actually add something more potent under the hood. We bet it will be the NSX’s 572 horses strong powertrain.

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